Social Media Marketing

Remarketing Funnels Explained

The different stages of a sales funnel can be used to shape your campaigns, particularly for products or services where people have to consider the purchase for a few weeks, as opposed to quicker impulse buys.

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How to Get More Clients Through Facebook Lead Ads

Of the various ways to boost your business, Facebook Lead Ads is one of them. We explore the different ways Lead Ads can bring in more clients and enquiries to your biz, so you can be confident that with some easy planning and setup, this marketing tactic can bring customers straight to your door.

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How Influencers have Changed the Face of Digital Marketing

If you’re one of the 2 billion people using Facebook or Instagram on a daily basis or an avid watcher of YouTube personalities, you have undoubtedly seen influencer marketing in action. Influencer marketing is a relatively recent phenomenon that involves a partnership between a business and a selected person with a dedicated online following.

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