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Email marketing is a great marketing channel for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. One way to boost your email marketing efforts is by using what is known in the industry as email nurture campaigns.

Email nurture campaigns are an important part of any successful inbound marketing strategy. If set up and deployed correctly, they help you turn potential leads into conversions through a deliberate process of education, awareness, and relationship building. They are also a great way to keep existing customers engaged with your brand. As the name suggests, it is all about ‘nurturing’ a relationship with them.

What is an email nurture campaign?

An email nurture campaign uses automated tools and tactics to reach out to your customers via email. Each email sent is designed to educate and raise awareness of your products, services and brand. If done well, these campaigns will convert warm leads into paying customers.

But email nurture campaigns are not just about trying to sell. Like other forms of content, marketing these campaigns can be used to educate and inform your audience to build trust and credibility.

One of the greatest attractions of email nurture campaigns is that they can be fully automated. This means that when a customer performs a specific action as a result of your campaign, your email campaign software system gets notified and responds by sending out an email based on that action.

For example, when a customer opts-in to your email list, you can send a welcome email to them automatically. If that customer interacts with the email or carries out a specific action like clicking on a link within that email, a second email can then be sent. This can be set up for hundreds of actions and hundreds of emails – all with the aim of educating and informing your customers.

As the emails and their sequence are personalised, customers are far more likely to respond and interact with your email communications.

Why is email nurturing important?

Lead generation is too often thought of as a quick and simple process. Some companies get a potential customer’s email address and then instantly bombard them with offers to make a purchase. This is short-sighted and is shown not to deliver effective results.

On the contrary, customers frustrated at receiving constant emails from you will simply unsubscribe, meaning you’ve lost them forever. This shows why it’s so important to nurture your leads.

What do we mean by this? Email nurture campaigns are all about slowly building up trust and a relationship with your target personas. You can build a far more ‘intimate’ relationship with them this way, especially compared to other forms of advertising and marketing.

And, not only are email campaigns an effective marketing tool, but they are also proven to offer an exceptional return on investment. Quite simply, they are important because they work!

Examples of email nurture campaigns

Sending out emails showcasing the features of your product or service and how customers can get the most out of it, including how using your product or service can help to make their lives better. Nowhere in the email do you make a hard pitch to get them to purchase your product or service – you are simply providing information they might find useful. If the customer interacts with the email or makes a specific action, you can send them further emails.

You can base your email nurturing campaign around sharing information on industry trends and how businesses can take advantage of them. This sort of industry information from industry insiders can be very useful to recipients and helps you become known as a thought leader within your industry. You can easily set up this sort of content as a series that customers regularly receive in their inboxes.
You can send out personalised email messages to customers via email on their birthdays, or the anniversary of when they signed up to receive your communications. This is a great way to get your customer’s attention and make them feel good about your brand. It’s a really simple thing to do, but it can deliver great results.
When a customer hasn’t purchased anything from you for a while, you can send out a ‘get them back’ email. This could involve sending them a personalised offer to encourage them to return to your website and make a purchase.

How to measure the success of an email nurture campaign

The primary metric for measuring the success of an email nurture campaign is by looking at the level of engagement your emails are getting and by monitoring how many people unsubscribe from them.

At Flow, we do extensive A/B testing and segmentation to ensure you get the best results. For example, we segment your audience by location, gender, where they are in the sales process, and other demographic information, so your campaign is more targeted.

We then take these learnings and apply them to your email nurture strategy to maximise your results.

Are you ready to create a successful email nurture campaign with Flow?

Flow has helped clients both in New Zealand and abroad harness the power of email marketing. Producing high-quality email marketing campaigns that incorporate email nurturing is a fine art that requires various skills and expertise. To get the best bang for your marketing buck, the content must be engaging and connect with your target audience.

If you are considering implementing an email marketing strategy, or are just keen to test the waters, get in touch with the team at Flow today – NZ’s leading email marketing agency.


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