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There are a number of important strategies that make up an effective digital marketing plan. One key strategy that should not be overlooked is the use of landing pages. As their name suggests they are essentially pages you direct website visitors to ‘land on’ first when they respond to a call to action. This could be from another page on your website, an email, or a paid advertising campaign.

They are different from your main website homepage, as they are specifically designed to increase conversions and move prospective customers to the next step in your sales and marketing funnel. This could be, for example, to submit their contact details for a callback, request more information, or even make a purchase right away.

The concept sounds simple, but to ensure you get the best results there are a number of small things to get right to maximise conversions. That’s where Flow comes in. We can design and develop results-driven landing pages that are guaranteed to deliver great results.

Why landing pages are important

Landing pages are important for several reasons. Here are four compelling ones:

Lots of companies invest heavily in communicating with customers through social media, email newsletters and paid advertising campaigns but then fail to convert these interactions. A customer might click through to your website, for example, but then get lost in a sea of information. With a landing page, you have a specific and targeted destination to send them to that contains highly relevant and engaging content such as a discount offer or a free e-book, in return for their contact details. This helps you drastically increase lead conversions.

When you have landing pages to direct customers to, you can customise them for each customer segment you’re appealing to. For example, if you sell products to both individuals and businesses, each target audience has different needs and wants, so it makes sense to use different offers on them. Segmenting your audience with landing pages also helps to target offers to the right set of customers. There’s no point having a discount offer for existing customers who are happy to pay full price, but this might be a good strategy to entice new customers to try your product or service.

When a prospective customer comes to your landing page and completes your desired action – such as enter their details into a form – you can capture a lot of valuable information about them. This can then be used by your sales and marketing team when they reach out to them to try and close a sale. The more personalised you make your sales communications, the higher the conversion rate you’re likely to achieve.

Landing pages help you gather lots of useful data about how your current and prospective clients interact with the different offers you’re promoting. They’re not just great for getting new leads; you can use them to see how engaged your current customers are too. This data can then be used to optimise and improve your landing pages and fine-tune your wider marketing efforts. For example, if you send out a weekly newsletter, you can include links to different landing pages and see how customers interact with each page.

Why you should choose Flow for Landing Page creation

At Flow, we follow industry best practice when it comes to landing page content and design. Our experience allows us to design landing pages that are optimised and crafted to get you results. Here’s how we do it

We go to great lengths to design each landing page to optimise conversions. For example, if you want to encourage visitors to your landing page to take action, you need to make it as simple as possible. If you only need a name and email address, then just ask for that and not make customers fill out 20 questions – because most won’t! We use our experience to ensure each landing page is designed to get results.

To get the best results with landing pages, every pixel needs to be perfect. Our team of experienced designers, developers, photographers and copywriters can design every aspect of your landing page, from photography and videos through to the words. We work as a team to maximise results for you.

There’s no point investing in designing and deploying landing pages if they don’t lead to an increase in conversions. When we work on landing pages, we measure everything from how customers interact with the page to what percentage convert. This data can then be used to improve your campaigns. For example, we often deploy multiple versions of a landing page and test each version to see which one converts the best.

Landing pages are important, but they are just one part of your digital marketing strategy. At Flow, we can help design and implement an in-depth strategy that is all about creating a powerful marketing funnel with a series of steps to take each customer through. This provides you with more opportunities to engage with website visitors and ultimately convert them to paying customers.

Are you ready to create amazing Landing Pages?

Flow has helped clients both in NZ and abroad with designing and developing landing pages. At Flow, we have a team of specialist designers and developers who can help you with every step of deploying a highly effective landing page.

If you’re considering adding landing pages to your digital strategy, get in touch with the team at Flow today – NZ’s leading digital marketing agency.


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