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When you engage with Flow, we will help you to turn your brand into a story, then create a compelling offer. Once you have these two boxes ticked, social media the best way to educate new potential customers at the top of the funnel, and then tastefully retarget them with follow-up messages until they inquire or purchase. We generally aim for a 3x ROI from social media for our clients.


At Flow, we take the time to first understand your business and target market, before running any ads. Because of this – the creatives, copy, and offer that we form together will resonate striongly with your audience, generating a decent volume of leads. 

Unlike other agencies – we update our clients weekly, instead of monthly. You’ll also have direct access to our project management software, to make requests and see what we’re working on.


Are you really ready to begin promotion?

At Flow – we begin with a business overview; studying your history, branding, and target audience(s) within your main geographical locations. Flow dedicates significant time and effort to become familiar with your business, your industry and your business goals.

With an honest evaluation of the likelihood of social media ads to benefit your business, we may suggest creating a standalone landing page or to improve your website before spending any budget on Facebook Ads.

We are conscious that you want real results, and spending thousands on Traffic ads via Social that direct your audience to a broken website or confusing UX experience on mobile, is something we want to avoid. We can help you get things in order before getting into Promotion.


After we’ve built your complete funnel, we generally run some top-funnel ads on all appropriate channels, followed by middle and bottom funnel ads that get more direct, the further each user travels down our funnel. This strategy works in stages, and at each stage Flow is always running experiments to optimise for maximum conversions. Gathering insights from your analytics is paramount to understanding your customers, and how to best meet their needs.


This will be our first interaction with each potential prospect. Sometimes we’ll be giving away some form of content for free in exchange for contact details – other times simply trying to inspire the viewer enough to engage with us or watch our video, which will build an audience for lower funnel ads.


We use Re-Marketing to website visitors and engaged social media users to keep the conversation going. In many cases, the user we are targeting here may have visited our landing page but not yet taken our desired action – so we’ll offer them another opportunity to inquire easily – with a compelling offer.

 Other times, we’ll simply be sharing social proof such as video testimonials or case studies, to gently nudge each user closer to conversion.


Bottom of Funnel ads are served to warm and well-qualified prospects that have heavily engaged with our content, and have shown to be deep into the consideration process and likely to purchase very soon. BOF messages are often integrated with email marketing, your sales team, your CRM and other channels, to make it as easy as possible for the user to convert.


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