Location-Based Advertising: Reach Your Ideal Customers at the Best Time and Place

Location-Based Advertising: Reach Your Ideal Customers at the Best Time and Place

It’s midday on a Tuesday and you’re taking your lunch break in Downtown Auckland. While looking out for a place to eat, you’re simultaneously browsing on your phone. As you’re scrolling through, you notice an ad for a cafe you’ve always been meaning to check out. You get excited, unfortunately, it’s over in Ponsonby. You only have fifteen minutes left on your break, not enough time to head over and get lunch so, you ignore the ad and forget about it for the foreseeable future. A wasted impression for the advertiser.

Now, imagine that you’re somebody that takes your lunch break in Ponsonby. You’re in the exact same situation and you’re shown the exact same ad on your mobile. You do have time to visit the cafe and you do go and make a purchase. A successful conversion for the advertiser. This is the foundation of location-based advertising.

What is Location-Based Marketing?

Location-based ads use the specific location of people using the internet on their mobile to show them ads that are relevant to them. Using location-based ads, you can ensure that your ads are shown to users nearby your business, enhancing your chance of attracting their attention.

Ads that take a user’s location into account are proven to be much more successful in generating sales. Displaying an offer to somebody that’s in the general vicinity of your service and that’s easily able to access what you’re selling is guaranteed to outperform a generic ad.

Why are Location-Based Ads so Effective?

This advertising strategy works by utilising our willingness to share our mobile location with Google and other third-party apps. Google is then able to show ads to people that are close by, enabling businesses to capture people’s interest at ideal moments or when they’re searching for your keywords.

Reach Your Customers When They’re Near Your Store

Offering your products or services to customers when they’re close to you is a fantastic way of encouraging them to check out your business in real life and hopefully make a purchase. As mentioned in the example, time constraints, distance and other lifestyle factors can hinder people from engaging with your ads at the right time. With location-based ads, you can take these obstacles away and give prospective customers a clear path to your business.

Show Your Ads to Customers at an Ideal Moment

Location-based ads aren’t just limited to restricting your ad delivery to a certain area. With thismarketing strategy, there are a number of approaches you can consider such as targeting your competitor’s location or delivering your ads during major, relevant events. With this sophistication in ad campaigns, you’re able to stand-out in a world clogged with generic advertising.

Personalised Location-Based Ads Can Offer a Better Return-on-Investment

Research has shown that consumers prefer personalised ads. Ads that actually consider the situation people may be in are far more likely to be engaged with. Location-based advertising allows businesses to target users at appropriate time periods. With this option, you’re able to tailor your efforts towards unique situations and enhance your ads performance.

With relevance, real-time delivery and engagement on your side, location-based ads can generate a much higher return than generic ad delivery. This strategy has become one of the most preferred methods of optimising AdWords campaigns since it was first introduced in 2016. Putting the effort to create tailored strategies towards your digital advertising can help you strengthen your results.


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