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It’s no secret – a lot of people watch YouTube videos. Every month, more than 1 billion people watch more than 6 billion hours of YouTube videos on their computers and mobile devices. Locally, YouTube is now the number one most-watched network, overtaking TVNZ in recent years. So, if you want to get your products and services in front of lots of eyeballs YouTube is a great place to advertise.

What is YouTube advertising?

YouTube advertising is part of the Google Display Network (GDN), along with Gmail, Blogger and thousands of partner websites across the Internet. YouTube is a great way to advertise your company using video ads. There are several different types of YouTube ads, which each require a different marketing and production approach. Flow is a YouTube and video marketing agency that knows what works and what doesn’t. We can help you produce high-quality video content that compels viewers on YouTube to take action.

These are the main type of ads on YouTube:

These ads appear on YouTube video pages and in apps that are part of Google Display Network. They can be up to three minutes long, and after five seconds of playing a viewer can click ‘Skip ad’ to stop the ad playing. You have the option to run this type of ad before, during and after the video has played and you only have to pay when the ad is watched for a minimum of 30 seconds. They are a great way to generate buyer intent from prospective customers, as you can fully educate the viewer on all of the benefits of your product or service.

When a user searches on YouTube they will be shown the results together with thumbnail-sized ads. We recommend this format if you are trying to increase brand consideration.

These ads are short (less than 6 seconds) and un-skippable and they play before, during, or after a user watches a video. They can be booked across the whole YouTube network and are great if you are trying to increase brand awareness.

These ads are between 15 and 20 seconds in length and a user must watch them before they can watch their video. These types of ads are not ‘fan favourites’, as viewers have to watch the whole ad but, if you have a great message to share, then they can be a good option. You know how many people have watched the ad and you can track how they responded.

These ads appear as a small banner at the bottom of the video screen. Users can either click on your ad to visit your website, or close the ad. If the user doesn’t close the ad, then it stays there for the duration of the video playing. They can be basic text or a small image (for example your company logo plus a line of text). They are a great choice if you want website traffic and don’t have a video ad to use.

Cards are ads that are displayed while the video is playing as a small ‘button’ that, if clicked by the user, will expand. Sponsored cards are similar and are displayed as a small ‘i’ icon in the top right corner of the screen. When the user clicks the icon, they are directed to your website or chosen landing page.

How Flow maximises the return on your YouTube Advertising

With so many advertising options available today you are probably wondering what sets YouTube apart from all of the other options.

Here a few of the benefits of YouTube ads:

Unlike other static forms of advertising like banner ads and search ads YouTube allows you to create and run video ads that elicit a fuller range of emotions from your target audience. This makes them a great way to get your brand message and story out into the marketplace.

You can target your ads to a very specific group of users. You can choose to target your ads by topics, keywords, or specific demographics.

Once your video ad is ready, all we have to do is create an account (if you don’t have one already) and upload your ad and define the audience you want to reach.

YouTube is part of the Google Ad Network, so you have access to a range of analytical tools to measure the success of your ads on the YouTube platform. You can see how long people are watching your ads and how many people are clicking on them. This allows you to make improvements to your ads and replace, or fine-tune, non-performing ones.

Why you should choose Flow for
YouTube advertising?

As a Google Partner agency, Flow understands the ins and outs of how YouTube advertising works, including how to get the most from your YouTube Advertising. We’re a dedicated and experienced YouTube ad management agency and we can help your budget go a lot further. Here’s how we do it:

Better targeting

At Flow, we consider which targeting options will deliver the best results for your campaign. The YouTube advertising network allows you to target users by demographics (age, gender, household income, etc.), interests, and specific keywords. We go through these options to make sure that every campaign dollar is maximised for the best returns.

We use remarketing

Remarketing is when ads essentially ‘follow’ a user around YouTube so when they view new videos the same ads can be displayed again over time to increase their effectiveness. You are probably familiar with seeing or other companies’ ads repeatedly as you browse the internet. Which just goes to show they work!

We use an agile approach to YouTube advertising

YouTube is used by billions of people worldwide and millions of people in New Zealand alone. There are lots of different ad format options and different ways to target your ads. Therefore, Flow recommends starting with a moderate budget initially so we can improve your ad performance before committing to a larger spend.

We can help you through the whole process

At Flow, we help you during each step of the process, from creating your video to planning and implementing your campaign and then, finally, reporting the results of the campaign. You will have a dedicated point person available to answer your questions and give you campaign updates.

Are you ready to create a successful YouTube advertising campaign?

Flow has helped clients both in NZ and abroad harness the powerful marketing platform of YouTube. Producing a video for YouTube Advertising is a bit of a fine art and, to get the best bang for your marketing buck, the videos must be engaging and connect with the kind of people you want to be doing business with.

If you are considering a YouTube advertising campaign, or are just keen to test the waters, get in touch with the team at Flow today – NZ’s leading YouTube advertising agency.


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