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Google dominates the online advertising marketplace. With more than 90% market share worldwide, it drives a huge volume of organic and paid search. These figures show why we rely on Google to connect us to the right businesses and give us the information we need.

When it comes to online advertising in New Zealand, leading companies and organisations turn to Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) to advertise online. To succeed at pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, however, takes skill, knowledge and experience in paid search. That’s where it can help to have Flow in your corner.

As a Google Partner agency, we understand how important it is to get your paid Google Ads appearing above organic search results, so you get the biggest bang for your PPC dollar. We’re a dedicated Google Ads management agency and we can help your budget go a lot further.

We optimise and manage your Google Ads so you maximise the return on your PPC investment. We set up Google Ads campaigns based on industry leading practice, often achieving 2-4 times better results due to correct management and regular campaign maintenance.

How Flow maximises the return on your Google Ads investment

We apply PPC best practice to set up the correct account structure for your company in Google Ads. This means setting up the right hierarchy for your Google account, campaigns, ad groups and keywords.

So, when we’re ready to launch your online advertising campaign, we have an optimised pay-per-click setup that delivers the best Google Ads performance. We craft your ads to get the best quality score, based on the relevance and quality of your ads, keywords and landing pages.

While there’s nothing stopping you (or us) creating a Google AdWords campaign in isolation, PPC leading practice doesn’t recommend this. By overlooking what your competitors are doing online, you’re likely to have lower advertising performance, which results in fewer leads, lost revenue and higher ad spend.

Flow’s Google Ads competitor analysis covers key factors like search terms, keywords and their overall PPC strategy.

When we set up your account structure, we think about who you want to reach with your online advertising and what you want to achieve. Two key goals are creating awareness and driving sales. Targeted keywords with transactional, action-based keywords will drive sales, while more general top-of-the-funnel keywords will attract an online audience in the earlier stages of buying.

It’s all good and well having a PPC campaign with good click-through rates. However, if you’re not taking your audience on the next stage of the journey, you’re wasting your money. Well-designed landing pages can help users find out more about your products and services, discover more about your business and lead them to make a purchase.

As an Auckland-based Google Ads management agency, we understand the psyche of New Zealand browsers and buyers. If you don’t have a dedicated landing page that coordinates with your ads you run the risk of confusing your audience. If they don’t get what they expect they will leave; this increases your costs and decreases your conversions.

After launch, we move into managing your Google Ads account. This requires time each week to refine your target audience and keywords, using data collected from Google Analytics. For example, we can see which keywords drive the most clicks and which cost the most.

We also provide you with audience demographics, behaviours and interests and tell you which generate the most clicks and conversions. We will also advise on the use of negative keywords, so you don’t appear in irrelevant searches. This will maximise results from your campaign and give you the best return on investment for your PPC ad spend.

You could rely on Google Ads to manage your ad bids, however, we recommend taking a more hands-on approach. By using Flow’s Google Ads management services, you can be confident that your PPC ad budget is being proactively managed – right down to setting bids for individual keywords.

Aside from improved performance, strategic bid management also influences your Ad Rank, which determines your overall Google search results.

A/B testing is another important aspect of Google Ads management. It requires time and focus but it can deliver a substantial payoff. Using a Google AdWords management agency like Flow means you can take advantage of Google’s advanced features that let you test your Google Ads copy, landing pages, ad targeting and ad bids.

Why Flow?

We understand how Google NZ works and provide a well set up and managed Google Search Ads service. We guarantee to get your business in front of the people who are actively searching for your products and services.

If you want a steady stream of pre-qualified leads, get in touch with the team at Flow to discuss a Google Ads management program.


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