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Online display advertising is like the billboards of the internet. It lets you buy space on more than 2 million popular websites around the world. According to Google, their Google Display Network (GDN) reaches over 90% of all internet users.

Locally, well-known websites like TradeMe and the New Zealand Herald are part of the GDN. They offer high-traffic display advertising space and a unique opportunity to get your brand, products and services in front of lots of eyeballs.

What’s the difference between Google Search advertising and Google Display Advertising?

Google Advertising is divided into two networks: Search and Display. Search Advertising lets you place text ads within the Google search results, while display advertising places graphical, visually-strong ads across a huge network of websites across the internet. These are also known as banner ads.

Unlike search advertising, which targets users searching for information and solutions on Google’s search engine, Google Display Advertising presents users with display ads while they’re consuming content on the internet. They are shown display advertising while they’re doing their usual internet activities like catching up on the news, reading blogs and articles, or watching videos.

The Google Display Network can help you reach people while they’re browsing their favourite websites, watching a video on YouTube, checking their Gmail account or using mobile devices and apps.

Google Display Ads are free branding

The good news is that even if users aren’t in ‘shopping mode’, they are still being presented with your display advertising, which is great for raising brand awareness. You only pay when users click on your banner advertising (which is the main aim), but if they don’t, you still get to promote your brand for free.

Best of all, your display ads results are measured, so you can see what your advertising spend is returning to your business. See which webpages run your ads, which ads deliver the most clicks and which sites give you the most value for the lowest cost.

As a Google Partner agency, Flow understands the ins and outs of how Google Advertising works, including how to get the most from your Google Display Advertising. We’re a dedicated Google Display Ads management agency and we can help your budget go a lot further. Here’s how we do it.

How Flow maximises the return on your
Google Display Advertising

Apply remarketing

Remarketing is an established technique that’s used to keep your past website visitors engaged. Ever been ‘stalked’ by ads for a travel agency after visiting a travel website? That’s an example of remarketing. This is an expert technique where cookies are used to follow your website visitors around the internet then present your display ads to them on websites that are part of the Google Display Network.

Use placement targeting

Placements are the positions display ads can appear in on the Google Display Network or on YouTube (which is owned by Google). If you don’t target placements, Google decides which websites in the GDN your ads appear on. Managed placements let you select which sites you want your ads to be displayed on, which gives a more certain outcome than Google guessing which ones are relevant.

Start with a small budget

As the Google Display Network is so huge – reaching over 90% of all internet users across more than 2 million sites – you can easily end up spending thousands of dollars on wasted traffic. Flow recommends starting with a moderate budget initially, while we test the market for your products or services.


If, for example, we see that you have managed placements that are delivering great results, we can allocate more spend to them. We can also expand your budget to include other, untested, sites to maximise the return on your display advertising.

Create multiple display ad formats

Some websites only support one (or few) Google Display Ad formats. To have reach across the GDN it’s important to design your display ads in various formats and sizes, including some with text only.

Create simple display ads with high visual impact

This might seem obvious but you’d be surprised how many ads on the Google Display Network are simple text ads. To have maximum impact, display ads need to be visually strong, yet simple and easy to read. Images should also be related to the product or service being offered. Even a product photo is better than nothing!

Spend time getting it right

As we point out on our Paid Search page, it’s essential to monitor and fine-tune your Google AdWords search advertising. You should do the same for your Google Display Advertising. For example, when managing your display advertising, Flow will review your audience and see what impact your ads are having. This lets us reach potential customers more effectively, using audience targeting to reach people based on who they are, their interests and habits, what they’re actively researching, or how they’ve interacted with your business.

Use testing to maximise performance

The Google Display Network is extensive, which means your audience is almost limitless. Google releases new features and methods of targeting, so you have to stay on top of the latest trends and development to optimise your display ad campaigns. This means setting aside a modest portion of your budget to test new features and advertising techniques using managed placements, topics, interests and contextual targeting.

Why Flow?

Using a Google Display Ads design and management agency like Flow means you can take advantage of Google’s advanced features that let you test your display ads design and placement and see how your audience responds. This will help you find your niche.

When its well-managed, Google display advertising helps you achieve a high level of click-through with a relatively modest budget. If you want a steady stream of pre-qualified leads, get in touch with the team at Flow to discuss a Google Display Ads management program.


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