How Long Should Your Video Be? The Most Effective Video Lengths for Digital Marketing

How Long Should Your Video Be? The Most Effective Video Lengths for Digital Marketing

Every day, internet users are bombarded with business content. As they browse their favourite social media platform, make a Google search or check their emails, people are constantly exposed to new information that will either be totally ignored or lead them to look into the product or service further. With so many companies on display, attention has become a commodity for marketers, creating the need for enticing or interesting content that draws users in and stands-out from the rest.

In video marketing, there are a number of considerations to be made about the video created and shown to an audience. These considerations should be influenced by online marketing best practices, to ensure the most effective video content and the biggest return-on-investment. One of the most important aspects of video marketing is the length. As advertisers are often limited in the amount of time a person may spend paying attention to a video, it’s important to condense the message into the appropriate time-frame to ensure a successful campaign.

The Optimum Video Lengths for Popular Online Platforms

Unfortunately, there isn’t a black and white answer when it comes to the question of how long a video should be. In reality, the length of your video should depend on your intended consumer and your intended placement of the content. Where you’re advertising will make the biggest difference to your consideration of video length as it will depend on your platform of choice as to the effectiveness of various timeframes.


With Facebook’s emphasis on keeping users browsing their platform for as long as possible every day, it comes as no surprise that, according to Hubspot, Facebook users engage with video content a lot. With functionalities to watch multiple videos after another, 1-minute long videos are reported to perform the best.


While Instagram does allow for multiple media within a single post and its upper limit is 60 seconds for regular uploads, some studies suggest that videos around the 30-second mark have the best engagement metrics. Instagram, like Facebook, has a number of methods in which marketers can utilise video. In-feed videos, Instagram Stories, and Live Video can all be explored by businesses to entice their followers and wider audience.


On YouTube, users are visiting the platform to watch videos. For that reason, longer videos tend to perform better with higher engagement and sustained interest for content around 2 minutes. If you’re looking into creating a marketing video for YouTube, it’s important to consider meaningful content that can maintain interest for longer periods, a clickable title and how this message fits in with your overall marketing efforts.

Ideal Video Lengths Vary Across Platforms, Quality Requirements Don’t

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