Adobe Business Catalyst End of Life: What are the Next Steps?

Adobe Business Catalyst End of Life: What are the Next Steps?

Adobe Business Catalyst is set to be retired from 2021. Have you taken the necessary steps to prepare for this change? Find out what all users of BC need to do here.

March 26th 2018, a dark day for developers and business owners alike that have dedicated countless hours to building, optimising and perfecting websites on the Adobe Business Catalyst platform. With the announcement of Business Catalyst’s end of life, many websites are now facing the difficult decision of migration – where to take their data, how to manage this process and how to ensure a seamless changeover.

Adobe is Retiring Business Catalyst from the 26th of March 2021

While this announcement was made a year back, Adobe has given until the 26th of March 2021 to complete this process before their official retirement of the service. With the anniversary of their proclamation now upon us, we thought it as appropriate timing to begin offering advice on what to do next, for developers who’ve had time to grieve and accept the inevitable.

Business Catalyst has been around for a long time, particularly in internet-years. First launched in 2004, the system was acquired by Adobe in 2009 and has built a widespread network of dedicated users internationally. For many, this platform was a comprehensive method of managing a business’s online presence. From content management to security, from e-commerce to email marketing, BC represented control and familiarity. The hole that it will leave is thoroughly recognised and its replacement services must be considered adequately before any swift decisions can be made.

All Website Data will be Deleted from the Cut-Off Date, Migration is Imperative

Like all big break-ups, jarring changes can take a while to get over. However, with time margins narrowing before Adobe makes the move to delete all data permanently in two years time, it’s now important to consider how your business is going to cope and adapt with the change. What’s necessary for this process to go forth without a hitch is a total website migration. This will require choosing a new product to operate your website on, exporting all data from the current site, and implementing it onto a new platform.

How Websites Can Move from Adobe Business Catalyst

While this process may seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be overly complicated if the right decisions are made in time for the impending closure date. Flow Marketing, with our values in transparency, are more than happy to support businesses required to make this move. Our experts are able to offer insider tips and potential pitfalls to look out for in this process with a free 30-minute strategy meeting. Click here to book a session to help you through this transition.

A New System Means New Opportunities

The end of your content management system in no means dictates the end of your website. In fact, this challenge opens the possibility of growth and exciting new opportunities with new innovative systems. With alternative platforms introducing advanced applications all the time, a new approach can deliver exciting ways to showcase, promote and market your business in the digital sphere.


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