Real Estate Case Study: Century 21 NZ


New branding for Century 21 needed effective digital marketing.

Century 21 is the largest real estate organisation in the world and a highly recognised brand. They have thousands of offices worldwide, with the New Zealand-owned arm of the business established in 1992. 

Century 21 New Zealand underwent a brand update in 2018, which was subsequently rolled out across the organisation’s global network of thousands of real estate offices. 

The Century 21 New Zealand head office turned to Flow to establish its new brand look and messaging across all digital platforms. Our brief was to modernise the C21 brand and connect it with its target audiences in the highly competitive online space, and to generate more franchise and appraisal inquires.


Flow accepted the challenge of lifting Century 21’s reach and engagement across critical social media, search, and paid advertising channels. The client trusted Flow to deliver the following:

  1. Roll out Century 21’s new brand and messaging across the New Zealand Facebook, Instagram, and Google platforms.

  2. Advertise franchise opportunities for established real estate agents in New Zealand wanting to launch their own businesses with the guidance, support, and brand recognition that Century 21 offers.

  3. Gain more leads from people wanting to sell their home.

  4. Streamline and manage campaign reporting and analytics, including providing regular feedback and insights.










Flow’s cross-channel strategy:

The Flow team managed Century 21’s entire marketing funnel to generate and nurture leads, ultimately ending in a high volume of conversions. Below are just some of the tools we’ve used so far:

Digital planning, forecasting, and funnel building.

When Century 21 first approached Flow – we had to research and understand their current positioning, their goals, and the state of the industry. Alongside the successful rollout of their digital rebrand, we had to focus clearly on lead-generating activities that would generate a clear ROI. The simplified funnel diagram above outlines our general approach, however, over the the past three years, we have had to be dynamic with our approach, changing tact as the client’s objectives evolve.

Top of Funnel (TOF) traffic ads: Cold audiences.

Social media has been a powerful tool for Flow to attract new audiences and familiarise them with the Century 21 brand. Besides branding (mentioned above), our primary objectives were to generate appraisal leads and gain more franchise inquiries. Promoting current stock to buyers in the market has also been a secondary objective.

Google advertising. Alongside our social media campaigns, we also periodically run Google Search Ads towards relevant keywords, and Google display/YouTube ads to keep the brand front of mind. These also work well as a remarketing approach (explained below), and for appraisal leads per region. Ensuring Century 21 New Zealand easy to access, understand, and contact was a priority for ensuring customer conversions.

Contact list database + Lookalike targeting. By identifying users similar to those in the C21 contact list database, Flow was also able to generate new target audiences.

Lower funnel (MOF/BOF) campaigns

Flow serves all website visitors & engaged social users with tasteful follow-up (remarketing) ads. This ensures that Century 21’s brand remains top of mind with potential clients – building trust over time. 

Using highly targeted content creation and paid promotion, Flow has successfully increased website traffic, social media reach, social media engagement, lead volume, and overall online visibility for Century 21 New Zealand.


Accurate ad targeting

Well-written ads

Appropriate, professionally made creatives, tailored for each audience group

Daily optimisation and monitoring of all ads

Managing all ad platforms for Century 21.

A clear idea of the target audience

Tasteful remarketing towards those that had not yet taken the desired action.

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